Why Spider-Man needs a new director for the next movie?

By Víctor I. Castro | @Chikoelektriko

Even with the sucess that “Far from home” represented to the Spider-Man saga and the MCU, the future of our friendly neighbor needs a little change of route like Harry Potter did on “The Prisioner of Azkaban”.

When the first two Harry Potter movies came out, the story of each one presented to us the first steps of Potter in to the Hoghwarts School and his first relation with magic and wizards. But then, the third movie, directed by the mexican Alfonso Cuaron, had a twist showing us how Potter and his friends grow up from kids to teenagers.

The same stuff is happening with Peter Parker. In the MCU, Marvel showed us the first moments of Parker being Spider-Man. The relationship with Tony Stark as a mentor and then the lost of him. In “Far from home” we saw how Peter has changed but not at all. So, even when Jon Watts have made a great job playing with the 80s teen movie style, in the next movie we need to see Peter grow up.

The fans have been waiting to see Spider-Man swinging into the New York buildings and having a traditional (meaning Sam Raimi style) story. Even when it´s no official, is clear that Marvel and Sony are looking to show the Six Sinesters on the big screen. For that, and because Tom Holland would be a 25 years old young man in 2021, is necessary to take a new director.

Maybe Josh Whedon or the Russo Brothers can make a movie with the right tone of heroism like “Avengers”, to make the ultimate Spider-Man movie that we need, even to surpase the Sam Raimi´s “Spider-Man 2”.

So, what do you think guys? Who would you like to direct the third new Spider-Man movie?

I’m a journalist. I like to watch movies, TV series, listen music, take photos, drive and travel. 


Escrito por Víctor I. Castro

Nací el 1 de septiembre de 1993 en la hermosa ciudad fronteriza de Tijuana, en Baja California, México. Desde chico me gustaron los mapas, la música y el entretenimiento. Posteriormente ya más grande, el cine se fue convirtiendo en mi gran pasión. Estudié Lic. Comunicación, he trabajado en radio, prensa digital, revista y como docente en una universidad.

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